About the Reckless Halo™ Tribe



Posted on July 26 2021

Everyone has a tribe! You know those people you can't live without, the ones that you can cry with, laugh with, call at 3 in the morning and they will pick up without fail, the ones where there is no favor to big or to small! I have been lucky enough to have the best tribe and actually the idea to have a Reckless Halo™ tribe came from someone in my tribe! I immediately loved the idea and wanted to think of how to make this idea something unique and special! My best thinking comes at 2 in the morning so without fail that's when the idea hit me! I will be sharing my tribe with you BUT I also want to know who is in your tribe! This will be the place where I will be sharing awesome people...what makes someone special, do they have a business we can all support! Lets expand our tribe!!! I am looking forward to doing weekly shares of people we can add the the Reckless Halo™ tribe and even some fun giveaways!

Please feel free to email us with yourself or anyone you would like to see featured in the RH Tribe! 




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