Reckless Halo™ Tribe - Crissy



Posted on July 26 2021

To kick off our Reckless Halo Tribe it was only fitting that I start with someone that is a huge part of my tribe....Crissy! Without a doubt one of the most selfless people I know! In fact she helped me come up with the name Reckless Halo on one of our longgggggg walks! I told her my ideas and what I was stuck on and literally the name was born maybe 3 minutes later! Throughout the whole process she has been someone i've bounced ideas off of and trusted sharing my designs was her idea to name the "kamo" jersey after my son Kam! We've walked many miles together, did a 10 day juice cleanse together and had some deep conversations where we've both come out learning a thing or two! Outside of how she's been a huge support for me, she has a huge heart and is always willing to help out anyone anytime! We all need more Crissy's in our life!



  • She really is a beautiful human inside and out! I love this🖤 #recklesshalotribe

    Posted by Dolores | August 02, 2021
  • 🥰I will continue to help whenever you need me. Have a great launch 🚀

    Your official Tribe member,

    Posted by Crissy | August 02, 2021
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