Reckless Halo™ Tribe - Cara



Posted on August 02 2021

This weeks RH Tribe feature is one of my closest friends Cara! You know the people you just click with and instantly know they’re just good people…that’s her! From the minute I met her I knew we’d be good friends because she has such a fun loving vibe! She’s always down to hang out and equally as ready to help anywhere she’s needed! We both don’t really have family here outside of our immediate families so we’ve kind of just meshed our families, our kids are around each other all the time and it’s so fun watching them (well Mia not so much Kam yet) play together! When I shared my ideas about Reckless Halo she immediately shared in my excitement with me and offered to help with any and everything along the way! She’s one of the biggest supporters and motivators to make this brand the best it can be! She’s definitely a friend that you can party with, work out with, talk business with, be serious with and call on day or night with anything…basically the best kind of friend!! Thankful to have you in my life Cara!!! 



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