Reckless Halo™ Tribe - Cynthia



Posted on August 17 2021

This weeks Tribe feature is one of my closest friends Cynthia. I have known Cynthia for over 30 years! We used to be neighbors growing up and both ended up moving to the same area with our own families! She is owner of Drenched Boutique and has storefront downtown where we live with the CUTEST clothes!!! She also introduced me to ketones which I fell in love with and she is killing it as a Pruver for Pruvit, seriously so fun to watch her excel! She is one of those friends that you can bring anywhere and she will walk away knowing everyone there and everyone will love her!!! She's always gone above and beyond for her friends. We try to get together once a week for "business" meetings where we both talk about what we have going on and help each other out with things and strategize and motivate for the week it's been so fun holding each other accountable and giving each other ideas! So fun watching your friends especially ones you've grown up with be successful in business and more fun to hear all her plans and know that there's no stopping her now! 



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