Reckless Halo™ Tribe - Leslie



Posted on August 25 2021

This weeks tribe feature is one of my best friends Leslie!! We've known each other for over 30 years! It's always so fun when you have someone in your life that has known you since elementary school and you have seen that person as a child and then watched them grow into the person that they are! We have had so many fun times together and have walked more miles together than I can even believe I've walked ever!!! We have been through SO much together and so many times we've used each other to lean on in the bad times! She's been a part of my darkest times in my life and the best times in my life and vice versa! We've always been able to have the tough conversations and tell each other how it is even if we didn't or don't want to hear it! I look at her as a sister and she does the same she was one of the first people to see Mia in the hospital and I think she was actually the first person to hold her outside of me and Marcus! My kids LOVE their Auntie Leslie and Mias face lights up whenever she walks through the door! We share a passion for crime shows and have spent many wine nights watching Dateline! Our phone conversations are always my favorite the good ones usually start with "are you sitting down?" lol. Outside of being a huge part of our lives she is a successful Insurance Agent for farmers it's so fun to be on walks and hear her handle business and see how so many people respect her in her career and in her friendships. So lucky to have you in my life Les and I can't wait for the many more memories there are to make! 



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