Reckless Halo Tribe™ - Katie



Posted on August 09 2021

This weeks Tribe feature is my Bestie Katie! If you know me or have followed me for awhile you've seen her probably ALOT in my stories! Some of my most fun nights ever have been with her! There is seriously never a dull moment no matter what were doing were always laughing, from crazy Raider tailgates to making triller videos to old school r&b until 3 in the morning, we're a good time! I've never met a person that didn't love her. Outside of being my ride or die friend, shes the one I call when I need to vent about anything big or small she always A. picks up and B. just lets me vent...but she will tell me if I'm wrong! We've been through it all together! My memory that most sticks out with Katie is a night years ago I called her and told her I needed to come over and I want to say it was 10 at night, she said okay come over! We sat in her backyard and made the BEST spotify playlist (its seriously the BEST) and she knew I had something going on but she never asked we just listened to music and laughed and took my mind off of everything! I of course ended up venting to her but she never pushed for it she knew what I needed at that time was to just escape for a minute! She's the most loyal person I know and we both know this is a lifetime friendship! She's not just my best friend, she's family!!! Not mention she's a newly single mom showing her kids how to be the best version of themselves and killing it every step of the way, cheer mom...check, football mom....check, swim coach...check, football strength and conditioning coach...check!!! She seriously does it all!!!! Love you Katie!! 



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